168 - Simplify Your Group's Calendar with Teamup - Organize Chaos
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168 – Simplify Your Group’s Calendar with Teamup

168 – Simplify Your Group’s Calendar with Teamup

If juggling multiple calendars on Google Calendar is giving your group a headache, it’s time to try Teamup. Teamup is a centrally managed calendar designed with groups in mind! Teamup offers color coding to organize your calendars by people, places or events and allows you to drag and drop events as dates change. You’ll always know where everyone is and what they’re working on.

What’s the benefit of using Teamup over Google Calendar, you ask? No user logins are required, meaning you can share it with someone who doesn’t even have a Gmail account — all you need to access the calendar is a link. It’s also much easier to keep everyone in the loop without having to share multiple sub-calendars.

Click here to check out Teamup now!

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