Custom Software Solves Charity Benefits Unlimited Greatest Inefficiencies
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Custom Software Solves for Charity Benefits Unlimited Greatest Inefficiencies

Bell Sports Marketing has multiple entities, but President, Kyle Bell, brought Organize Chaos in to help simplify, streamline, and scale their fundraising arm, Charity Benefits Unlimited.

Kyle Bell was candid from the get-go in that he hadn’t been happy with consultants in the past. They just didn’t spend the time, and they didn’t get it. He felt that most consultants seem to want to do things their way, and follow a set of standardized solutions brought from business to business, without really understanding or aligning with his company. Lucky for Kyle, that’s not our style.

“Chris came in and he really understood what we do. He wrapped his head around the concept, the business, and he spent the time.”


First things first, we dove deep into really everything going on behind the scenes, walking the warehouse, getting hands-on with the physical operations, and just getting up to speed on how the company and each department worked. From there, we could begin to map our processes to improve based on priorities.

On the charity side of the company, prior to working with Organize Chaos, virtually everything was being done by hand. From order fulfillment and distribution to managing events, it was a very manual, labor-intensive process. This, we saw, as both the weakest link in an otherwise strong chain and the greatest opportunity to make a difference in Bell Sports Marketing’s bottom line. We looked into many of the larger ERP systems in hopes of uncovering the right solution, but decided an out of the box solution just wasn’t going to cut it. Knowing we could build 80% of what was needed, for 30% of what off the shelf software would cost, that’s what we did.

“Now we have a custom software, that he created for us in-house, proprietary to Bell Sports Marketing, and it’s changed the whole company.”

Beyond the Workshop

After the initial Organize Chaos engagement had concluded, and the proprietary software developed and delivered, Bell Sports Marketing continued with the implementation plan. What started as weekly team meetings to ensure the new software was working as it should and solving problems as intended, eventually became monthly check-ins.

The new app has worked so well, Bell Sports Marketing has invested expanding upon it, year after year. Their capacity for managing charity events and auctions has nearly doubled and sales have increased roughly 30%, without needing to hire additional employees.

“Any business looking to streamline their processes, get their operations under control, and really solidify what direction they’re going, could really benefit from Chris’ services.”


When you think, “there’s gotta be a better way”, there probably is. We’ll help you find it.

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