Meet The Organize Chaos Team
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Meet the crew

We’re the people who can’t function with a messy desk.

Chris Ronzio

Our Founder, Chris, built a video production company that sold over $3 million in youth sporting event videos before he was 25. It was then that he decided to sell that business and start doing what he really loved—helping other entrepreneurs organize the chaos in their own businesses. It was the problem solving of small business he was truly addicted to, and thus Organize Chaos was born. What started as a personal consulting style and methodology quickly garnered praise from the Arizona business community and beyond. Organize Chaos today, with Chris at the helm, is a team of entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, advisors, and experts in their respective fields, who’s mission it is to help simplify businesses so they can grow.

Chelsey Krisay

Chelsey is our all-star Operations Manager at Organize Chaos. She is a proud University of Arizona alumni who studied business, communications and psychology during her time in Tucson. After college, Chelsey worked at a marketing and PR firm where she led a team in executing social media, grassroots, print and digital marketing campaigns. In her spare time, Chelsey enjoys hiking with her dog Piper, cooking and traveling.

Lisa Salido

Lisa is our chief User Experience (UX) Consultant. As a UX/IA Strategist, she leads UX and web strategy of new websites through the process of researching, sketching, testing, architecting and iterating. Lisa holds a BA from Arizona State, has a background in content strategy, social media, PR, and journalism, is a travel lover and a dog mom.

Zach Stradling

Zach is a software engineer who specializes in full-stack web development. He has been building and designing web applications for over 6 years and has worked on countless projects of different sizes and in various industries. As part of the Organize Chaos team Zach helps turn complex problems into simple intuitive solutions. He loves coding and enjoy’s each and every day that he is able to create something new. When he’s not coding for work or leisure, you’ll find him spending time with family, watching sports, playing tennis, or binge watching Netflix.

Jake Knight

Jake is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with a proven track record of success launching new start-up companies from scratch, developing and implementing all policies and procedures, and leading them to generate multimillion-dollar sales revenues. He’s a “big picture” guy with comprehensive experience providing senior-level business strategy, leadership and management spanning multiple industries. Among Jake’s impressive list of ventures, KnightHauler, Knight Auto of Arizona, United Cars & Credit, Equity Auto Finance, and JMTC, LLC.

Scott Fritz

Scott founded Human Capital in 1997 and over a decade, grew the company to the $170 million mark. And active Angel Investor since 2001, he has invested in over thirty separate ventures and, in 2008, founded Growth Connect, specializing in transforming businesses into assets through exit strategy coaching. Scott is also the author of The 40 Hour Work YEAR and an in-demand keynote speaker.

Bethany Woodard

Bethany is a strategic HR leader dedicated to driving the momentum for all things people related in order to effectively and mindfully stay ahead of the game. From employee engagement, leadership coaching and development, developing and implementing corporate social responsibility programs and wellness initiatives, Bethany proactively approaches HR for our clients in a manner that assists in encouraging employees to carefully craft their own experience and career while driving engagement.


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