Realigning a Physical Therapy Practice (Rise Rehab Case Study)
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Realigning A Physical Therapy Practice

When Will Humphreys, CEO of Rise Rehab, opened up a second location for his mixed physical therapy practice, he felt more like the business was running him, not the other way around, and Will was near his breaking point

Bringing in Scott and Organize Chaos gave Will the calming confidence and refreshed understanding he needed to get back behind the driver’s seat and get his business, and more importantly his life, under control.

“There’s a lot of consultants, but what Scott brings to the table specifically, is an awareness of what you really need at the time. He gave me hope that I could do it.”


Will had started working with Scott on a 1-to-1, annual workshop basis, but has since expanded the relationship to quarterly full-day sessions with his core management team. The last meeting, 12 of Rise Rehab’s leaders were present and together, covered everything from marketing to people, to cash and organization, giving everyone a voice in developing the company action plan.

“When I started with Scott, I had five employees. I have 47 now. And it was so cool to see how through his methods, he was able to align all of my leaders and create a plan for the company.”

“The best decision I ever made was bringing in Scott Fritz and Organize Chaos.”


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