Getting Back Time To Go Paint The Big Picture (SGI Case Study)
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Freeing Up Your Time To Think About The Strategic Big Picture

Tim Melton owns SGI Property Management, servicing homeowners and real estate investors in four markets. But instead of focusing on his realizing his vision for the company, he was having trouble getting out of the day-to-day operations.

He decided to hire Organize Chaos and work with fellow EO member, Scott Fritz, to get back to a more strategic place of big picture thinking. Scott had owned and built a very similar service business and was able to provide the clarity that Tim craved.

“Within an hour of meeting Scott, I got above the clouds. I saw the business in a whole new light, and got excited about it.”


Starting with a single day workshop, Tim learned the decision-making matrix from Scott. This basically boils down to a simple question—What are the things that you are currently doing, and not letting go of, that are prohibitive to you being able to back up and think strategically for more hours of the day? There’s more to it, but you’ll have to start a workshop to really dig in!

“Anybody that owns a business needs help thinking big picture, needs help being more strategic, and whether you’re doing a $100,000 a year in revenue or a $100 million a year in revenue, you’re going to find value.”

Accelerating Growth By Stepping Away

Taking that decision-making filter to heart, Tim was able to step back and empower his team to makes decisions and act in areas of the business that he had previously been over-involved. In doing so, he could focus on finally realizing his dream for the company and grow in the ways he had always wanted.

Tim and the SGI Property Management team ended up bringing Scott back for first a single day strategy session and then ongoing team support for developing short and long-term goals and annual roadmaps to achieving them.

We mentioned that SGI Property Management operates in four markets right? Phoenix, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Dallas. Prior to working with Scott, SGI was only in Phoenix.

“You can’t measure the ROI because it’s just kind of astronomical. It’s the best investment you can make.”


When you think, “there’s gotta be a better way”, there probably is. We’ll help you find it.

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